V2C PARTNERS LLP introduced Postmaster, Europe's premier webmail service to the Internet in 1997. Since then, V2C PARTNERS LLP have brought you many excellent versions of Postmaster including this current version. Postmaster has become more than a web-based email service; it has now become a web-based community, offering its members a feature-rich experiencel.

Your premium webmail includes 4 GB of storage, an address book, calendar, file stores, IMAP mail and virus filtering.

There are no limits to access and users are able to retrieve their e-mail from any computer that has Internet access. There are no proprietary software requirements, no restrictions, no plug-ins, no access difficulties and no complex configuration or compatibility issues.

Postmaster is a subscription-based premium service. Accounts will only be discontinued if you fail to comply with the Terms of Use, fail to make payment, or if you choose to cancel your subscription.

Signing-up for a Postmaster account is very simple. The e-name you choose will become part of your e-mail address at postmaster for instance: In this example, johnsmith is the e-name but the entire e-mail address is Once you have registered and claimed your e-name, it's yours forever. You can switch jobs, Internet Service Providers or move abroad, your e-mail address remains yours... unless you decide to change it yourself.


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